About Me

My name's Daniel Pearson, and I'm a computer geek that likes to live a quiet, simple life that's close to nature. I live in Jerusalem, Israel with my boyfriend, Noar. I work as the primary technical consultant for Wildberry Design. I amuse myself by strolling in the neighborhood parks, playing the occasional video game, and dabbling in writing software.

My History in a Nutshell

I was born in the summer of 1978, and lived the first few years of my life in the suburbs of Washington, DC, in the United States. Before I started school, my family moved to suburban Baltimore County, where we eventually found the home in which I did most of my growing up and in which my parents still live today.

My formal education through third grade took place at Baltimore's premier Orthodox Jewish parochial school. After third grade, my parents transferred my siblings and me out of that system and into public school for reasons that included the administration's utter ineptitude at meeting the needs of children with learning disabilities and their encouragement of narrow-minded religious bigotry. I completed the rest of my primary and secondary education in the local public schools, and though the once excellent quality of the area's school district steadily decreased as the years went by, I mostly just watched this deterioration from the safe distance of the system's accelerated track.

Though I wanted to leave home for college, the money was not in the coffers, so I went to university in-state at UMBC. I spent my first year and a half as a mechanical engineering major, took a year off for a paid internship, after which I decided to switch to studying computer science. My heavy involvement in the UMBC LUG led to my acquaintence with the colorful character of Robin Miller, who recruited me in his sinister plot to take over the world of geeky online media by way of the Internet's nerdiest centers of activity. In my senior year, I made the long-overdue move out of my parents' house and into a townhouse a few minutes away from campus (affectionately known as the Geek Simplex) which I shared with the best set of roommates I ever had, Ray and Phil. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in the summer of 2001, and, though sad to leave my friends, I began the process of emigration almost immediately afterward.

In December of 2001, I arrived to make a new home in Israel and crashed in my sister's cave-like Jerusalem apartment before moving into the apartment upstairs, accompanied by Ezra. When Ezra moved back to New s York, Eliyahu moved in. Toward the end of Eliyahu's time in the apartment, I enrolled in a daily half-day course of study at Shapell's. After Eliyahu got married, I had no luck finding a new roommate, so I moved in as the fourth roommate at a four-story Israeli parody of a townhouse in another corner of the same neighborhood. This environment wound up resembling dormitory life more than I preferred, so after a bit less than a year, I landed a few stories above the busiest intersection in downtown Jerusalem. My partner in crime for this apartment was Justin, whom I'd met in my year or so at the yeshiva.

Despite what some people thought, the noisiness of that home was far from the main reason why I fled the bustling intensity of Jerusalem for the breezy tranquility of Tzfat. My real motivation for escaping the life I'd built in Jerusalem was because a lifetime of living in the iron self-discipline of a celibate closet had ground me down to a pitiful nub, fronted only by a brittle shell of image. Moving to Tzfat, I found the peaceful solitude I'd craved my whole life, but which I'd never previously realized. A few months of inner growth without the clamor of a whole community of expectations and peer pressure gave me the clarity of mind, self-worth, and courage to finally pour out my heart to my father and, subsequently, the rest of my family.

Ever since I finally stopped fighting against being gay, my life has attained the inner harmony in which real advancement and truly meaningful accomplishment is possible at last. I've finally found the man with whom I want to share my life and love.

If there's anything else you'd like to know, email me.