Another Nice Shabbos

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I made shepherd's pie, which turned out well, except for needing salt. I'm almost done with the book of sci-fi short stories that Seth got me for my birthday. It turns out that there are two stories in the book that I had read before (I had originally thought that they were all going to be new to me), but they were worth reading again.

Rebecca's in-laws came to town for Shabbos, and I spent shalosh suedos with them. Ashira was as adorable (and adored) as ever. Afterward, Avraham made havdalah in the square in front of the gallery for a group visiting with Yachad.

This week promises to be quite busy with work as both jeff and Ray ran away for little vacations, leaving only Joel and me to freshen the meat. I had feared encountering an awful overload in the submission queue after Shabbos ended, but it turns out that Joel worked his butt off and left me with a reasonable load. Go Joel.