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I went shopping for a bigger fridge. The little counter-top fridge I've been using for the past couple months, while cute, just isn't cutting it. I can deal with its tininess, since a life filled with an excess of playing Tetris has trained me well in the art of efficient packing. But it just isn't strong enough to wage battle against the Israeli summer heat. After a day of heat soaking into the environment, its internal thermometer hovers around 20 degrees Celsius. The new fridge uses more conventional refrigeration technology rather than a dinky little Peltier engine. It should be delivered either tomorrow or Sunday. In preparation, I moved the dead washing machine that came with my apartment out of the way by sliding it next to the kitchen stove, providing a pleasant side effect of a little more usable counter space in that area.

I ordered a boat-load of computer equipment: including a Palm LifeDrive PDA, a keyboard for said PDA, a DVD drive, and a laptop hard drive to replace the one in my iBook that died. I reviewed the instructions for replacing the hard drive in an iBook: they're scary. I'm gonna need to find some rather uncommon tools for this major piece of computer surgery.

I noticed some platforms being built for next week's Klezmer Festival. I've started to steel myself for the frenzy that will suddenly overtake this otherwise incredibly quiet town. My friend Mark Heilman is planning to come to the festival from Jerusalem and I'll be hosting him.


Comment from jeff covey at

so when do we see photos of this house/country,
already?  :)  there's a whole bunch of us in
baltimore who have been waiting since you moved
there a decade ago.

Comment from Daniel Pearson at

Photos will appear sometime after I borrow my sister's camera.

Comment from jeff covey at

w00t!  :)

Comment from Tim Meushaw at

We've been waiting for you to borrow your sister's camera since you first went over years and years ago.  I hope no one's still holding their breath over this mythical event occurring!

Alternatively, one could check out the photos I took of Israel back in June.  There's even one or two of Daniel's apartment, though the vast majority are of random places in the country and not the house.

Comment from בית המקדש , הכותל המערבי , כותל , הר הבית at

If your friend is planning to come to the festival from Jerusalem let him see this