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I appear to have fallen under the weather. I should have known something was up as early as Friday, since I had trouble singing at Kabbalas Shabbos and my left lymph node was swelling and tender, which seems to always happen when I'm about to come down with something. Staying up way too late on Saturday night must have been the last straw, because I was feeling ooky for most of yesterday. My voice had recovered enough last night that I was able to sing normally when I suddenly got invited to a sheva brochos meal at the home of Baruch and Batya (friends of Avraham and Becca). But when it came to bedtime, I could barely sleep at all because my nose and throat were so dry. A mosquito also took to snacking on me, and I couldn't use my usual tactic of warding it off by running the fan, because flowing air and parched sinuses do not mix. So I spent most of today bed-ridden, crawling out only to eat and work. A shame because there were some errands I really would have preferred to get out of the way. Treating myself with copious amounts of food and water seems to be doing the trick, though, and I predict a decent night's sleep tonight.


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you need .al-and-jeff-sfw.jpg to make you feel better.