Weekend in Jerusalem

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As mentioned last time, I spent Shabbos dinner in Nachlaot, lunch in the German Colony, and the afternoon through the end of Shabbos back in Nachlaot. Jon and Dan (Siegel) made an appearance for third-meal, and spent most of the time gabbing about old Seinfeld episodes. I also got to gross out Seth and Rachel's friends with a gory detail or two regarding SRS. Hey, it's not my fault the conversation wandered onto that topic. But on that note, I did have a fun time after Shabbos watching Trans America back at Moshe's apartment.

On Sunday, I spent the morning working and then went out to town to do some shopping. First, I went to the camping store near Kikar Tzion to get some new hiking shoes, where I also picked up a copy of a guide/map book for hiking the Israel Trail, a trail that runs the entire length of the country. One of the guys I know from yeshiva is looking for a few people to join him in a hike of most (if not all) of the trail this spring, and I'm seriously considering taking him up on the offer.

After the hiking store, I went to the cell phone store to update my service plan and to get a new phone, since the old one was getting all kinds of worn out. The most important feature for me was being able to copy address book information back and forth between my computer and my phone, preferably with the wireless yumminess of Bluetooth. But I splurged and got a Nokia 6280, which has a lot of nice features in addition to that: a calendar, flexible alarms, a facility for jotting notes, an MP3 player, and an FM radio. However, the most interesting feature for you, gentle readers, is the 2-megapixel digital camera. It is true! I have finally, at long last, joined the age of digital photography. (Or, more accurately, the age of any sort of photograpy.) I'm finally able to document my adventures with visual accompaniment. Let us celebrate with a scary nostril-shot!

At the phone store, I met up with Avishai, and we went out for shwarma and then hung out at his apartment for a few hours, drinking tea, watching TV, and dozing a bit. I finished off my day with a meeting for English speakers at the Jerusalem Open House, where we watched the movie Jeffrey. I stayed for a while afterward to schmooze a bit, but soon had to catch the last bus back to Tzfat. And that's the end of that weekend.


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More photos!!  No more nostril shots!!!
Now that you have a camera, even if it's the cell phone variety, use it to put more pictures on the website.  But point the camera in the other direction, or have someone else point it at you.