Flatmate in the New Apartment

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It looks like this apartment comes with a flatmate. I've got a lovely little yellow-striped jumping spider crawling the walls here, and I've been seeing it quite frequently over the past few days. It's only thumbnail sized, so all of you that were terrified of the palm-sized hairy brown beast that made cameo appearances in my last place can relax. It appears to be unable to spin webs and rather roams around to proactively hunt its food. I wish it great success because I don't have any screens on the windows to keep out unwanted insects. I'll be taking suggestions for a name for this new buddy. Gender-neutral names are preferred since I've practically no way of sexing the creature.


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Oh, and apartment messiness notwithstanding, pictures of this new flatmate are obligatory.

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I presume after this character?

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You could always resurrect some pet names from the past: Charlotte (more appropriate for a spider than a cat anyway, but maybe too obvious), or Snowy (just because it's so totally inappropriate for a spider). 

Or:  Muffet, Animal (from the Muppet Show), Santa's Little Helper (just to drive the zealots crazy), or Spot.  Somebody I know named his cat "Puppy" because his kids really wanted a dog but they wouldn't let them and this was the compromise.

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Yes, partially based on our mythical Trojan, but also the girl from Dan Simmons' Endymion.

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Haven't read Endymion. I do like how the name reminds me of "Araneae". In fact, I'm thinking about that as a potential name, but maybe that's a little too cute.

Of course, this naming business might be useless since it's been over a week since I spotted our little friend.