Moosic is a music player for Unix systems. It focuses on convenient and powerful playlist management. It consists of a server process that maintains a queue of songs to be played and one or more client programs which sends commands to the server. The server continually runs through its song queue, popping songs off the top of the list and playing each with an external program. The client is a simple command-line utility which allows you to easily perform powerful operations upon the server's queue, including the addition of whole directory trees, automatic shuffling, and song removal according to regular expressions. The server comes configured to play MP3, Ogg, MIDI, MOD, and WAV files, but can be configured to also play any other file format you want.

The latest version of Moosic is 1.5.6, and was released on Sunday, Nov 6, 2011. You may visit the Download section if you wish to see a full list of all the versions that have ever been released.

The core package contains the server and a command-line client. There is also an applet for the GNOME panel available. This applet was mostly developed by Paramjit Oberoi <>.