Visit to Itai's Apartment

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Last night, I made a trip to Tel Aviv to spend today with Itai. I took the 6:35pm bus from Tzfat to Akko (a.k.a. "Acre" to you Anglophonic archeology academics), and took the train from Akko to Tel Aviv. This was my first time travelling by train in Israel, and I must say that it is a very pleasant change of pace from bus travel: smoother ride, more comfortable seats with a table in front of you, more space, and shorter transit time. My only complaints were that they had the air conditioning on so high that I had to wear my coat with the hood up and that they had the inside car lights on so bright that I couldn't see the scenery through the windows.

Itai met up with me at the train station at 10, and he showed me the way to his apartment, which is but a five minute walk from the station. I got to meet Itai's roommate Yossi, Yossi's lovely husky dog Sky, and two of Yossi's teenaged sons, on one of their regular visits from their mother's home. After dropping off my bag, we went out to find a falafel stand for a light dinner. Then we went back home and watched an episode of Wonderfalls and roundly cursed the Fox television network yet again for cancelling such an intelligent and funny show before it hardly even had a chance.

Then, since we both had to get up in the morning, we tried to go to sleep right away, but instead wound up talking till sometime well past 4am. Amazingly enough, I still managed to get up for my 7am shift of work, and we got Itai out of the house in time for his 10am class in historiography. I took the liberty of spending the rest of the morning catching up on lost sleep. I woke up to notice that Itai had left me a note about the food in the fridge, so now I'm waiting for him to come back from school by munching crackers, listening to his Neshama Carlebach CD, and admiring the flowers that he still has saved from our first date.

Since I'm not working again till 3, we might spend the free time strolling to the beach or maybe by watching some more video. Who knows? After I'm done work this evening, we'll head up to Tzfat to get ready for Shabbos at my house. I'm having such a sweet time.