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Yesterday, I was too tired from my adventures out of town and my late-night return to do anything much of note, besides sleeping late, working all day to catch up, and posting a new version of MoosicApplet from good old Paramjit. (Please don't ask me how to pronounce his name.)

Today, I wandered leisurely around town to shop for a few items: a new belt, a winter cap that isn't a lurid lime green color, and some speakers for the computer. Afterward, I went to visit Rebecca and Ashira for a few hours. I helped Becca install a blog onto her web site for recounting the adventures of Ashira, who only becomes more and more adorable everyday. It seems crazy that she's already rapidly approaching her first birthday.

In between the computer-puttering and the baby-playing, Becca sat me down for a serious talk about relationships. She's even more protective than she usually is both because I'm starting my first real relationship, and because she wanted to be sure that I was thinking about the practical ramifications of starting a family with someone so much older than me. However, it's still way too early in the relationship to really worry about a lot of the issues we talked about. At this stage, all I want to focus on is building the intense friendship with Itai that's needed as the foundation for any committed relationship to hold up in the long haul.

And to that end, I've started preparing for my Wednesday night date in Tel Aviv by packing up some fun and romantic videos with which to amuse ourselves. I can't wait!


Comment from Itai at

I loved that hat! Nobody can pull off wearing lurid lime green as well as you!

I'm so glad that you have Rebecca for a big sister. She's supposed to be protective! She loves you! I sure after she and I get a chance to get to know one another a bit, she'll have plenty more to say.  Listen to her! Listen to your heart!

I can't wait to see you tomorrow! I have to admit, I'm kind of freaking about what to feed you. I'm not even sure when you're coming. I'm in class until 6 pm, and home about 6:30. Maybe we can touch base tomorrow during the day?

We are of the same mind about underscoring friendship. On the other hand, a big part of a solid relationship is healthy communication, so, I don't think we need to postpone broaching a possibly problematic subject even this early.

Laila tov, chamudi!

Comment from Tim at

On the other hand, a big part of a solid relationship is healthy communication

I have to admit, it's interesting seeing the communication unfold itself in both of your blogs.  Quite unusual to get BOTH sides of the story simultaneously, instead of just the one-sidedness that is the norm in blogs.  It's also sweet to see you both saying nearly identical things independently of each other, as well, especially as they're such nice things (it wouldn't be nearly as sweet if you both said independently that the other was a jerk, for example).  Good luck to you both!  :-)