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Factoring Integers

(Warning: Extreme nerdiness follows. You are not expected to understand this if you are a family member whose last name is not "Sambol". Feel free to move along.)

Posted at Thu Feb 8 23:23:05 2007

Tu B'Shvat With Fruits

This Shabbos was Tu B'Shvat, the Jewish holiday to celebrate the renewal of tree life, especially fruit trees. I celebrated appropriately by spending Shabbos with a couple of other fruits. I slept over at the home of David and Arlan, the gay couple I met last week. I got there a couple hours before Shabbos, so they got to show me their snakes (shut up, jeff) in the basement. Only the newly hatched babies were terribly active; all the adults were sleeping the winter months away.

Posted at Sat Feb 3 21:20:10 2007