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Mazel Tov!

At 4am this past Wednesday, Rebecca gave birth to a healthy little boy! Woo!

Posted at Fri Aug 24 15:57:47 2007

Flatmate in the New Apartment

It looks like this apartment comes with a flatmate. I've got a lovely little yellow-striped jumping spider crawling the walls here, and I've been seeing it quite frequently over the past few days. It's only thumbnail sized, so all of you that were terrified of the palm-sized hairy brown beast that made cameo appearances in my last place can relax. It appears to be unable to spin webs and rather roams around to proactively hunt its food. I wish it great success because I don't have any screens on the windows to keep out unwanted insects. I'll be taking suggestions for a name for this new buddy. Gender-neutral names are preferred since I've practically no way of sexing the creature.

Posted at Tue Aug 7 12:45:29 2007

New Apartment

So I finally got fed up with the flawed plumbing in my old apartment. The landlord told me that if I didn't like having the shower drain bubble up and flood the floor of the front room then I could leave. So I did. And, after more hauling trips than I care to imagine in truly punishing heat, here I am. The new place is not so far away, closer to the center of town and closer to Becca and Avraham. I was quite happy that I got the phone line hooked in yesterday instead of on the predicted date of tomorrow, since it means that I didn't have to interrupt my network services for more than the few minutes it took to carry the computer and sundry between apartments. Now the task at hand is to unpack and organize everything.

Posted at Wed Aug 1 20:25:00 2007