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That's right. This January, I'm going to be making my first visit back to the US in over three years. I'll be leaving with my sister and niece on the 4th, and we should be arriving in the Baltimore area late on the 5th, after a short layover in Paris. (It will be my first time in France, so I'm open for suggestions on interesting things that can be seen or done in just a few hours.) After getting to America, the first order of business will be visiting my grandparents in Connecticut to celebrate my Safta's 80th birthday. After that, my plans are pretty free-form. My only goal is to visit as many family members and friends as I can in the three weeks that I'll be there. So if you're in the States and you're reading this, then I hope we can get together.


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w00t!  w00t!  w00t!

A swing by Glen Catobutus is nothing short of mandatory. :)  If your schedule takes you in this direction, the three of us (Rebecca, Libby, and myself) be happy to offer a place to crash and (at least) one party :)

Do let me know how your plans shape up; at a very minimum I'll go to meet you wherever that happens to be.