Hard Drive Death

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Bah! My hard drive seems to have died as of a few hours ago. Fortunately, I'm well-prepared, so the computer is back online again with a small replacement drive that I've got handy for just such an emergency. My last data backup was made a month ago, so the loss is stinging, but not staggering. You'll notice that the diary entries in the past 30 days or so have disappeared, and that is why. If anyone happens to have copies of those old diary entries saved somewhere, I'd be happy to accept them. If I'm lucky, I might be able to pry some data off of the old drive, but it's not to be counted on. This sort of thing is still very annoying, no matter how prepared you are.


Comment from jeff covey at

if you know (or can guess) the urls of the missing
diary entries, have you tried checking google's

Comment from daniel at

Yeah, I tried. The last time google indexed my site seems to have been around last august, so its cache doesn't help much.