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Last night I zipped over to Tel Aviv to take my Itai out to dinner. He had been working like the dickens for almost a week to prepare for a presentation he had to give in one of his history classes on a 550-page article written in French. The presentation, of course, had gone off as well as I'd predicted, despite Itai's doubts and nervousness about public speaking. But he sure was worn out and hungry and in need of some good old R&R.

After wandering around town a bit, we finally stumbled on Pizza Meter, which happens to be the most upscale pizza joint I've ever been to. There was a wine bottle on every table. The pizzas themselves were delicious and creative works. We ordered a section with tomato and basil, a section with mushrooms and pesto (with no tomato sauce), and a section with onions and sweet potato. My favorite was the tomato, Itai's was the sweet potato. The music piped in was classy dance music in Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, prompting a conversation centered around ballroom dancing. After dinner, we picked out a tub of dulche de leche ice cream from the restaurant's case of Ben and Jerry's to eat at home. This was the first Ben and Jerry's ice cream that either of us had had in years, and we savored it while finishing off the second of the three Wonderfalls DVDs.

Now my sweetie is snoring in bed, catching up on some long-needed sleep, while I tap quietly on the computer keys.


Comment from The Snoremeister at

Last night was so lovely - just what I needed!  Left-over pizza for breakfast only gave those mushrooms room to mush.  Yum! 

As I write this, you're the one snoring! - a good effort on your part, but no match for me, I'm afraid!

Comment from Tim at

"Zipped over to Tel Aviv?"  On the bus?  I don't recall being able to describe intercity bus travel  as zippy when I was there... at this rate, you're gonna have to get yourself a moped!  Or just get Itai to move to Tzfat somewhere, I hear there are pretty inexpensive apartments in the Old City, presuming you don't mind showering while standing in the sink....

Comment from Daniel at

Partly by bus, but mostly by train.  The train is zippy enough.

Comment from Tim at

Ooh, train, nifty.  How long does it take you to get between the two cities?  I wanted to take the train while we were there, since there's the nifty new station in Beit Shemesh, but we never got our act together enough to take it.  Maybe next time we come to Israel; we had enough stuff to do that we never made it to anywhere near the sea shore (unless you count either being on the highway to Tzfat or being at the airport in Tel Aviv).  Heck, I still want to check out the Golan, too, and Eilat, and the Negev, stay somewhere in a hotel on a kibbutz, and, and, and... <pant pant>  Sorry, got carried away there.

Comment from Daniel at

The train ride from Acco to Tel Aviv is about an
hour and a half.  The bus ride from Tzfat to Acco
is about an hour.

Comment from jeff covey at

mmmmmm, railfans.  :)